Turn Regular Foundation into Airbrush Makeup

How To Turn Regular Foundation into Airbrush Makeup

today we discuss How To Turn Regular Foundation into Airbrush Makeup. The method of applying foundation has changed a lot over the years. Airbrush makeup has become the newest addition to this change. But many people still wonder how to turn regular foundation into airbrush makeup.

The foundation plays one of the essential roles in creating a perfect, flawless makeup look.

And, over the years, the methods of applying foundation have changed as well.

People have started to prefer airbrush makeup as a new technique instead of fingertips, brushes, beauty blenders, or sponges.

But do you know what airbrush makeup is?

Airbrush Makeup:

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Airbrush makeup is applied to the skin by using a compressor instead of a brush or sponge.

The compressor creates airflow through the hose, which is connected to a spray painting gun. It is applied in a thin layer. And it makes the makeup look more natural.

Pro makeup artists usually use airbrush makeup. It is used during significant events, movies, theaters,s, and weddings.

Difference Between Traditional and Airbrush Makeup:

The main difference between traditional and airbrush makeup is the way it is applied.

Traditional makeup is applied using a sponge, brush, or finger. But airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun with compression.

The consistency of traditional makeup is thick, while airbrush makeup is extremely thin and more natural.

Traditional makeup can provide full coverage. But many people would not say the same for airbrush makeup.

How To Turn Regular Foundation into Airbrush Makeup
Turn Regular Foundation into Airbrush Makeup

Can You Use Regular Foundation As Airbrush Makeup?

Many people would disagree with this.

How about this? You are using airbrush makeup. But suddenly, you run out of the foundation.

Then what are you going to do if you need more?

It is possible to turn your regular foundation into airbrush makeup as long as it’s thin. But do you know how to turn regular foundation into airbrush makeup?

Thinning Out The Foundation:

Airbrush makeup is sprayed through an airbrush gun in the form of a mist. That is why the foundation needs to be thinned out.

To make an airbrush foundation, you need to learn about ways to thin out your regular foundation.

Read the following methods to find out how you can thin out your regular foundation.


You can use water to turn the foundation into airbrush makeup, especially if you are doing it at home as a DIY.

If you are using a water-based or liquid foundation, water can help you thin it out easily. Just add a few drops of water and stir it well.

This type of foundation has to be thin enough to be sprayed out. Otherwise, it will not work well.

But don’t worry if you think you are not getting your desired look with the least amount of products. You can always apply more.


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Yes, moisturizers can be used to thin out the foundation for airbrush makeup.

Moisturizer is the best option to thin out all kinds of makeup products. And it can be the best option to thin out your foundation.

Add a drop or two of your moisturizing serum or cream to your foundation and mix it well. But make sure you do not add too much moisturizer. Otherwise, the quality of the foundation will be affected.

Using a moisturizer can help prevent the makeup from creasing around the eyes, and mouth. It also keeps the makeup from getting cakey.

Types Of Airbrush Foundation:

It is impossible to create an amazing makeup look without using an accurate type of foundation.

If one uses the proper foundation and can apply it like a pro, it will be hard to tell whether someone is wearing makeup at all.

But do you know what types of foundation bases work well for airbrushes? If you don’t, here is a list of foundations that work.

Silicon-based Foundation:

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If you want a natural look that lasts longer than other foundation types, then silicon foundation is the right choice. Especially for someone with dry skin.

It gives you a heavier coverage compared to water or mineral-based foundation. In that case, you would need a more powerful compression.

A silicon-based foundation can last as long as 12 hours.

Alcohol-based Foundation:

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This type of foundation is rarely used on the face as it causes dryness on the skin.

The alcohol-based foundation is used for movie making or special effect makeup. It is also used for body painting mostly because it gives full-body coverage.

This type of foundation is used to conceal any kind of body mark or tattoo. And it also lasts long.

Water-based Foundation:

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A water-based foundation is the best option for oily skin. It sets on the skin fast and helps the skin to stay hydrated. It does not require a high-pressure compressor to use a water-based airbrush foundation.

The water-based foundation is very lightweight. As a result, it keeps your skin from feeling heavy when the skin produces oil. It also gives the skin a matte and shine-free finish look.

Pro tip:

Use water-based products to apply to your face before the primary makeup. It’ll help the skin look smooth, not cakey.

Mineral-based Foundation:

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Everyone wants their makeup to last longer. A mineral-based foundation provides good coverage and can last around 24 hours. It makes the skin look natural.

This type of foundation is suitable for dry, oily, or even combination skin.

Cleaning and Unclogging Airbrush:

Many people have airbrush makeup cleaning kits. All you have to do is to put in a few drops after every use.

But if you don’t have the kits or cleanser, then you can use the following as alternatives.

  • Water
  • Alcohol
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paint Thinner

You will have to use them in order. Put a few drops and let it sit for a few minutes. Then clean the bowl using a Q-tip. And do make sure to clean the makeup and cleansers, especially the last three, fully.

Pros & Cons Of Airbrush Makeup:

Just like traditional makeup, airbrush makeup has its pros and cons. Here they are:


  • Lightweight
  • Creates a more natural look
  • Lasts longer
  • Does not transfer onto clothing
  • Compared to traditional makeup, it requires fewer products
  • Easy to apply in layers to get more coverage
  • Does not clog the pores


  • Not very suitable for dry skin
  • Does not work well if you have sunburn or excess hair
  • Needs expert hands for application
  • More expensive

Have We Got You Covered?:

Makeup is an art. Everyone agrees to that. It is also magic. It can turn anyone into something magnificent with a flick of a brush.

Whether someone wants to use traditional or airbrush makeup, is entirely up to them. The success of creating a look depends on the skill of the artist.

And if you have gone through this article, now you know how to turn regular foundation into airbrush makeup and other extra given tips.

It might not be easy to make airbrush foundations out of a regular ones. But follow the rules and practice a few times. And, once you get the consistency right, hallelujah!

So go on and get dolled up. But do remember to clean up well after using makeup.

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