How To Thin Enamel Paint 2021


Are you thinking of painting your walls with a spray gun instead of a roller? You should know how to thin enamel paint because thick paint won’t pass through the spray gun.

Nowadays, people use enamel paint for their walls because it gives the walls a new glossy look. However, you should prepare the color and other necessary materials before starting to paint your walls.

Mixing your paint with thinners and other ingredients is also a part of preparation. Let’s know the steps of thinning your enamel paint, its advantage, its characteristics etc.

What is Enamel Paint:

Enamel paint is an oil-based paint available in different colors. It’s now the most used color, and many brands are manufacturing this paint due to its high demand. Do you know why enamel paints are so famous?

It’s famous because of its characteristics and advantages; the advantages of enamel paints are:

  • You can not only paint your indoor walls but your house’s outdoor walls also. This paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls.
  • It dries in the air faster than other paints, significantly faster than water-based paints. It dries in the air quickly and creates a glossy, hard, new coat. That’s why people prefer using this paint.
  • It’s available in different colors, not only in some primary colors. So, you can paint the walls with your chosen color; you’ll have more options.
  • You may color wooden things with enamel paint as well, so if you’re thinking of painting your wooden furniture, you may collect enamel paints.
  • The enamel paint is long-lasting and isn’t affected by the weather outside, so you can rely upon this paint for your outdoor painting. Moreover, enamel paint is not expensive at all.
  • Last but not the least, it protects your walls from bacterial or other parasitic microorganism attacks. This paint prevents their growth; thus, it keeps your outdoor walls safe.

What is Alkyd Enamel Paint:

7400 Alkyd Enamel, High Gloss White, 1 gal

Enamel paints are of two types, either acrylic-based or alkyd-based. Alkyd enamel paint is more famous than acrylic-based paint. People use it to paint their walls, doors, windows, cabinets etc.

Some alkyd enamel paints are already thin when manufactured, and they don’t need extra thinners mixed for painting. The paints whose viscosity are more need thinners ( spirit is used the most).

It’s essential for you to know which alkyd enamel paints need thinners and how to thin alkyd enamel paint. The thinners reduce the paint’s viscosity and make it lighter.

What Will You Need For Preparing Your Paint:

You will need some equipment to prepare or thin your color in the correct proportion. Make sure you have collected all necessary items for thinning your paint; the required items are:

  1. Safety Glasses to Protect Your Eyes.
  2. Protective Mask to Protect Your Respiratory.
  3. A Bucket for Thin Paint.
  4. A Strainer for Paint.
  5. A Paint Needs to be Thinned.
  6. Required Thinner.
  7. Paint Stirrer.

The Steps of Thinning Enamel Paint:

  • At first, buy some enamel paints that are thick and make sure that the quantity is sufficient for your walls. Decide which places you will paint, and what color you want on your walls.
  • Read the manufacturing details and find out which thinners are allowed to mix with this paint. Mineral Spirit is the most used thinner; however, collect the necessary quantity of thinner, and make sure they are high-quality thinners.
  • After you’ve bought all things wear your safety guards to protect yourself. The glasses will protect your eyes from the chemicals. If the spirit somehow goes through your respiratory system, you can even die.

The spirit contains dangerous methylene; that’s why it would be better if you wear a protective mask for safety.

  • Now comes the vital step of how to thin enamel paint; the first and vital step is to pour the paint in a big bucket. You’ve to take a big bucket so that you can take paint in gallons. Spread the paint evenly in the bucket but keep some space remaining.
  • Now, start mixing the paint thinner/ spirit through the strainer with the paint. The strainer makes sure that no extra particle is going with the thinner. This step keeps the paint clean and its viscosity okay.
  • Mix the thinner per required proportion; some thinners need to be mixed in 1:3 or 1:4 proportion. On the other hand, a few thinners need to be mixed in 1:2 proportion of 1.5 gallons of paint.
  • After you’ve poured the paint and thinner in correct proportion, stir it with a paint stirrer until the thinner is entirely dissolved. If you don’t mix them properly, the viscosity won’t be perfect.
  • Select a spot where you will test the paint’s mixture; make sure it’s clean and free. Put some thinned enamel paint in a spray gun, and spray some paint on the selected spot.

See if the paint and thinner are equally mixed or not. If the proportion is not okay, then add some more thinner and put the mixture in the spray gun. Observe the paint again; if it’s accurate, your thin paint is ready.

Why Should You Thin Enamel Paint:

Testors 1147TT Black, Gloss, 0.25 fl oz Enamel Paint

You need to thin your paint because thick paints don’t show the perfect finishing and accurate coating. On the other hand, thin paint easily sticks to the walls and gives a good finishing.

You will never want your hard work with painting to go in vain; take care so that your color doesn’t spread unnecessary spots and spoil the total outlook. You should use paint thinner even if you paint the walls with rollers.

If you don’t thin your paint but use a brush to paint, the paint will stick to the brush and increase your difficulty. Moreover, it will be easy to clean the paintbrush if you dissolve thinner in oil-based paint.

Can You Only Paint Walls With Thin Enamel Paint:

The answer is NO; you can paint your floor, wooden furniture, metal surface with thin enamel paint. The paint is made in this way to give any surface a new and adequately finished look.

So, the experts always recommend everyone to use enamel paint, mostly the alkyd enamel paint.

How To Thin Enamel Paint For Airbrush:

If you watch the video then you can thin enamel paint for airbrush.


You may dream of painting your house yourself, so follow the steps of painting your house and household belongings. Sometimes, you’ll have to thin your paint, so know how to thin enamel paint.

Buy the paint and thinner from renowned manufacturers because they can provide long-lasting and high-quality products. You can search online before you buy the paint and mineral spirit. It’s better to examine and buy everything related to paint physically than online. If you think you’re an amateur and can’t complete the painting task, ask for someone’s help who has done it before.

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