How To Make Airbrush Makeup 2021


You might find it challenging to know how to make airbrush makeup. But now it is easy to make your airbrush makeup at home.

Airbrush makeup has been used for years to create special effects on the face. For different characters in movies or theater, people use airbrush painting.

Girls are finding airbrush makeup more attractive these days. Airbrush makeup is more natural on your skin, and it doesn’t make your skin look cakey. It gives a flawless finish, adjusting to your skin tone.

You can try on various airbrush makeup at home. Use your eye shadow, lipstick or foundation to create airbrush makeup. Following some easy steps and using some equipment, you can make your airbrush makeup at home.

Types Of Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup usually gives you a perfect look. But certain types of makeup can be used as the airbrush makeup. You have to make it in the form of particles that can be sprayed. Mostly, people use the foundation as airbrush makeup. Here are some of the makeup formulas that work best as airbrush makeup.


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A silicone-based makeup product, such as foundation or primer, is better for a full-coverage look. A silicone-based foundation provides a natural look. Your skin will maintain a dewy look up to twelve hours if you use an excellent silicon foundation.

However, the skin texture will look much better in a silicone foundation than in water or cream-based foundation. They will also protect your makeup from water and sweat. So, you will get a smudge-free look with the use of a silicone-based foundation.


Alcohol-based makeup products, especially the foundations, are drying. So, you should not use them on your face. But artists can paint their bodies with the help of this type of product. They can be used for movie artists. For special effects or body art, this type of makeup is preferable.


Water is the key ingredient of airbrush makeup. To turn any makeup into an airbrush formula, water and hydrating elements are necessary. Water makes the makeup more hydrating. It becomes easier to spray a water-based foundation over your skin quickly. It doesn’t leave your skin dry and helps to get a dewy look.


Mineral-based makeup is always right to your skin. It gives 24 hours coverage. This type of makeup is suitable for any skin.

How To Make Airbrush Makeup:

How To Make Airbrush Makeup
airbrush makeup machine

At first, you might think that making your airbrush makeup is hard to accomplish. But the truth is you won’t find it difficult once you know.
Makeup lovers always try on different makeup for experiments. If you mix and match your makeup, you will gradually develop the skill to make your airbrush makeup.

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Things You Need Before Getting Started:

  • Around four cups of cornstarch
  • Distilled water as required
  • Half a cup of glycerin
  • Two cups of baking soda
  • Four cups of vinegar
  • Your required makeup
  • Colored mica powder
  • Jars for storage

Preparation For Homemade Foundation:

  1. First of all, prepare a base for your makeup. Mix baking soda and vinegar together. Mix them very well and keep the mixture aside to rest.
  2. Add your cornstarch and glycerin together inside a bowl and mix them. Put the mixture inside the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Mix all the ingredients. See if there is any lump inside the mixture. The mixture should not have any lump or air pocket.
  3. Add distilled water in the mixture gradually. Don’t put all the water at once. Use a dropper and mix water drop by drop. Observe the consistency of the foundation. It depends on you how light you want your foundation to be. If you like a creamy or thicker texture, then add less water.
  4. Now take the right amount of your foundation or any foundation kit and add it to the mixture. If you have powdered products, you can use them as well.
  5. If you make lip paints or eye shadows, you can add mica colored powder to your mixture. Food color is an alternative option for your DIY makeup. You can use it to add colors to your makeup.
  6. Apply your airbrush makeup with an airbrush machine gun. You can also apply it like using other tools. Give it a try on a paper towel or cloth. Then use it on the palm of your hand. If everything seems okay to you, apply it on your face.
  7. Finally, store it inside a jar and keep it away from heat and light.

Can You Use Any Airbrush Machine For Makeup?

Usually, the airbrush machine comes with different equipment. You can buy a single airbrush machine gun and use it. You can also try the other equipment for applying your makeup.
Spraying makeup consists of three levels. Using the airbrush, touch-up gun or spray gun, anyone can achieve the picture-perfect look.

Airbrush is used for detailed and glamorous work. For more precise makeup, an airbrush is essential. The airbrush is small, and it gives you control over your exact makeup looks.
A touch-up gun is mainly used in makeup salons or theaters. It comes with a feed cup. You can easily use it to adorn your artists with colors.
Finally, the spray gun is used for quick work. It is large enough to cover up your artists with makeup within a short time.

Reasons To Make Your Airbrush Makeup:

The main reason to make your airbrush makeup is cost reduction. You can buy a few elements and make your makeup. Think about all those high-end makeup from MAC, Bobbie Brown or Fenty Beauty. They are very expensive and might not fit into your budget. But you can get your airbrush makeup easily by yourself.

The Other Reasons Are Given Below:

  1. You know about the ingredients you are using. When you buy something from a market, you check out all the ingredients. When you make your makeup, you know about all the ingredients and their benefits. So there remains no question about that.
  2. You can customize your makeup according to your choice. We often suffer from choosing the right skin tone for our foundation. In this case, we can mix two or three foundations together. We can even mix a high-end foundation with a drugstore one. Also, in the case of lipstick, we can mix a few shades.
  3. Making an airbrush foundation at home is environment friendly. You are not using any pollutants. Moreover, the makeup will be a hundred percent cruelty-free because you won’t test it on animals.


You have got an idea on how to make airbrush makeup at home. It is not that difficult to make your airbrush makeup. All the steps will guide you to make your perfect makeup.

Airbrush makeup is undoubtedly the most popular term among makeup lovers. Everyone wants to look natural and flawless using airbrush makeup. But buying an airbrush makeup machine is not that cheap. You need to invest a lot of your money on that.

If you can make your airbrush makeup at home, it will save you money. Homemade airbrush makeup will provide other benefits as well. I hope you will understand the small details and make your perfect airbrush makeup easily.

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