How To Airbrush Flames For Beginners 2021


The simple steps on how to airbrush flames for beginners will be discussed here. Airbrush flames look very attractive. But creating such a flame is not that easy.

Especially if you are a beginner, you will find difficulties. An airbrush flame is an excellent piece of artwork. It looks more realistic because of its color transitions and techniques.

Tips And Tricks To Airbrush Flames:

A lot of advancements in artworks have changed the idea of creating the airbrush flames. We often see airbrush flames painted on a car or a wall.
The idea has changed from just a cartoon image to a real one. Artists use many techniques to make it more believable and real.

We will follow the simple techniques to understand how to airbrush flames for beginners
Firstly, you have to understand the color concept of the flame. Mainly, flame consists of red and yellow colors. But shadows and other shades at some parts make it look more realistic.

You can start building up the flame on a model. Start to build a fire on Ghost Grey. Mix Slow fuse Gaming Special White with Vallejo Flow Improver to create the primary color. Spray this across the model. As a pre-highlight, apply white in light layers at the hottest parts.

Now, start to define the bottom part of the model. Make a mixture of Cygnus Yellow from P3 with Flow improver and water. Then spray it at the bottom of the model.
Keep your airbrush clean while using bright colors. If you start with the yellow, it will be easier to stick with yellow at the beginning.

Now, you have to build the transition between red and yellow. Use Blend Troll Slayer Orange by Game Workshop to draw the difference between the two colors. Also, add orange color in the middle of the transition.

Paint it orange at the farthest point of the bright glow. Add Abandon Black from Game Workshop at the top to create a burning effect.

Use the back and forth technique to make it more real. Apply one color over the other to create a blur transition. You can apply more shadow effects to turn your artwork into something extraordinary.

To make the top parts brighter, add glitz yellow. To add more glow on your artwork, use white mixed with yellow or other colors.


To create an airbrush flame, you must understand the color pattern of an actual flame. Mostly, the flame is a combination of red, orange, and yellow.

Using these three vital colors and creating transition among them will result in great artwork. Just use your artistic mind and try to focus on the smallest details.

In the end, you have got an idea on how to airbrush flames for beginners. Add your creativity to make your artwork more appealing.

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